Public Interest Litigation in Pakistan: Unveiling Its Features, Roles, and Potential for Ensuring Justice for All


  • Mubashar Tariq Assistant Professor, College of Law, University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Hafiz Muhammad Azeem Advocate High Court/Assistant District Public Prosecutor, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Muhammad Zahid Rafique Assistant Professor, College of Law, University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan.



Public Interest Litigation, Potential of Public Interest Litigation, Features of Public Interest Litigation, Roles of Public Interest Litigation, Public Interest Litigation in Pakistan


The regular court system is failing to provide justice for all in Pakistan's legal landscape. However, a powerful tool exists to ensure justice for all: Public Interest Litigation (PIL). PIL acts as an effective legal weapon for the welfare of society and justice for all, and it even has the potential to push authorities for reforms that benefit everyone. However, to understand the true scope of PIL, there is a dire need to comprehend its special features, functions, and role within the Pakistani legal landscape. For this purpose, in this research, PIL’s core features and procedures will be discussed through the jurisprudential analysis of the cases developed by the courts in Pakistan. Further, this paper will also explore its special role in protecting the rights of vulnerable communities. For this purpose, specific cases in the judicial history of Pakistan wherein PIL has played a positive role will be highlighted, including labor, environment, pollution, right to life, public parks, floodwaters, assets of Pakistan like its steel mill, and public procurement to reveal the true potential of PIL. The ultimate goal is to ensure its usage in the right form, in the right manner, for the right purpose, and at the right time to advance justice for everyone.


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Author Biography

  • Hafiz Muhammad Azeem, Advocate High Court/Assistant District Public Prosecutor, Punjab, Pakistan.


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