Exploring Women's Involvement in Agriculture and Livestock Sectors: A Study of Punjab Province, Pakistan


  • Mujahid Iqbal Deputy Director, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal.
  • Asma Sial Master of Arts in Pakistan Studies, University of Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan.




Rural Women, Agriculture & Livestock, Women empowerment, Pakistan


This paper presents a quantitative study on the pastoral women’s part in Pakistan's cutting-edge cutting-edge area of agriculture and livestock. As Pakistan is an agricultural country, ladies also perform an important role in Pakistan's agronomy growth by actively participating in various crops and livestock activities. Despite this role, this contribution by women is not duly acknowledged, is often underestimated, and results in low rewards. The paper describes the landscape and scope of ladies’ contribution to agronomy and cattle activities in selected rural areas of Punjab, a major agriculture province of Pakistan. Semi-structured interviews of randomly selected 400 female respondents and five focus group discussions support in-depth and meaningful conclusions based on both quantitative and qualitative data. The findings of the training reveal the level of females’ active partaking in farm actions in addition to their household responsibilities that range from the acquisition of farm supplies to the product sale. However, the share of women in the income is found to be quite low compared to their contribution. Limited involvement in the judgement manufacturing activities associated with agronomic and cattle is the major factor hampering women’s empowerment in the areas. Therefore, the study suggests appropriate participation in decision-level activities, just monetary rewards and equipment with modern farming skills, to increase their empowerment.


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Iqbal, M., & Sial, A. (2023). Exploring Women’s Involvement in Agriculture and Livestock Sectors: A Study of Punjab Province, Pakistan. Qlantic Journal of Social Sciences, 4(4), 139-147. https://doi.org/10.55737/qjss.697595366

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